Considering selling your company? We can make it happen?

Thinking about selling your company?

Selling your business is often the biggest financial decision in the career of owners like yourself who have invested years, if not decades, of their time and energy in launching, driving and growing a company.

You may have also made great personal sacrifices along the way and struggled to achieve a work/life balance. The prospect of realising the fruits of your labour and exiting to enjoy your interests and hobbies and spend quality time with family and friends is therefore undoubtedly appealing.

Achieving the best value

Key to transforming your dream into reality and enjoying a lifestyle you aspire to – is ensuring you secure the best financial outcome – a factor which has lasting implications for yourself, your family and your staff.

Understanding your emotional attachment

A client described their 30 year old business as their third child and many owners compare exiting their companies to parting with the ‘baby’ they have grown and nurtured. Our deep-rooted understanding of the emotional journey involved in a sale ensures your transaction is much more than just another commercial deal. We feel privileged to be given the opportunity to advise you on securing the best future for the venture in which you have invested so much.

Working with experienced professionals

Because every business is as unique as the individuals like yourself who own and run them, the importance of achieving the right sale by harnessing the expertise of experienced professionals who will support and guide you throughout the process – is critical.

Most companies have a degree of complexity in their operations, markets or products that demands the skills and expertise of advisers who understand what makes businesses tick and who can explain their potential value to prospective buyers. This deep-rooted understanding – coupled with the ability to communicate credibly with prospective buyers – is vital in securing the best offer.

The right advisers will conduct detailed research to identify buyers, represent you and your company in the professional manner you deserve – and project manage the sale on your behalf.

Our track record in this area is second to none and acknowledged in the prestigious dealmaker awards we have won. Achieving a successful sale for virtually every client we taken on, we are adept at making your sale a reality if you are serious about selling your company.

Taking action

If now is the right time to consider selling your business, we can start the process with a free no obligation discussion, or invite you to attend one of our our informative seminars.